Sunday, August 19, 2012

E, it's not easy is it?

Wow! Am back from my longest run since my Marathon back in 2010. (Yes, I know that's terrible but I do have 2 novels to show for it.) I did it. I crossed the 10km mark and didn't do too bad of a time.

10.2km in 1.09.00. My previous best for 10km is 1.03.00 (can't remember the seconds) which was back in May 2009 when I was three years younger and way more sprightly. So I'm completely happy with that. Now I have just six weeks to double that and keep my time to 10 minute miles.

And if I can produce that time with scorching heat then hopefully I can keep going longer when it's at least 10 degrees colder in October. 

Forgot to wear my Team GB official Olympic sweat bands though. Mistake. My shoulders and face are glistening with sweat but that could be coupled with the suncream literally melting off me. I wonder if any one else has to go running in suncream or if they just run so fast the sun can't catch them.

It's ridiculous though, I can't even travel light when I run. Phone, keys, tissues (essential), Frank my Ipod (yes I am now running to music. Seems to drown out my inner voice of doubt which usually says I'm tired and need to stop. Evil voice of doubt.) and my hilly filled with Vimto and four mini shaped ice cubes - it's all in the details and vimto is of course, the drink of champions. Ha ha. Maybe of Northern champions?

So, if I can lose a bit of weight and stop taking my life with me when I run that should enable me to run a tad faster. Well it's not really faster I need to run so much as, longer, longer and longer.

I didn't go in the old stretchy pants today as 1, they are black and 2, I need to wear a skirt over the top for obvious reasons. (To hide my ass and thighs.....obviously!) So I opted for sports bra and shorts. But it was still too much clothing. Of course all the posers were out in their teeny shorts and tiny sports bras (mine is full length...). Summer is just a breeding ground for the blonde, tanned, super fit people of the world to descend upon Regents park and make everyone else look bad. Is it wrong I was tempted to barge them, trip them up, general sabotage? Well you've got to entertain yourself when running alone. Though I was lucky enough to be accompanied by Fair to Midland's 3rd album - Fables from A Mayfly. Thanks guys. Pretty good music to run too and awesome music in general!!!!!! Okay so I'm a slight fan, but really they're awesome, check them out!!!!!!

And so I am sat blogging in my own sweat (lovely image) as it's way too hot to jump in the shower yet. I take a good two hours to return to normal colour and temperature levels. So in the mean time I will tell you about my amazing feat of yesterday.

You know when you go to the cinema and it's a lovely day outside but once you've been sat in the air condition for a few minutes you're bloody freezing? Yes. Well we had that exact same problem last week when we went to watch Dark Knight Rises. So yesterday when we went to watch the new Bourne film, you know the one without Matt Damon ("Matt Damon" said in drawling Team America voice.) I went prepared.

Due to the mini London heat wave we seem to be having, I was (shock, horror) wearing a skirt. Now I knew my arms would get cold so I made sure I had a cardigan but I also slipped in a pair of tights. Well, you never know.

So for the first 40mins I was fine, then it was definitely time for the cardigan. Another 20 minutes later and I'm gunning for the tights. Have you ever tried to put tights on in the dark, whilst watching a film, in public, without flashing or drawing too much attention to yourself???? No? You should try it. Ha ha. It's hilarious. Managed to get the feet in fine and got them pulled up to about my thigh area which was fine as the skirt covered it, but it was bloody uncomfortable. So over the next ten minutes leaving gaps in between each attempt, I managed to get the tights pulled up. Ahhhhhh. Now that felt much better. Toasty warm!!!!

I'll definitely be doing that again, now I know it can be done. Or the other option is taking a blanket with you. I'm not kidding it's pissin' freezing in there.

The film was fairly good, following the same Bourne formula as the others just without Matt Damon. Although I kind of like his replacement. He was in Mission Impossible 4 and various other things. He's cute.

Anyhoo, A is going rock climbing with his friend for some male bonding so I will be home alone writing, possibly interspersed with episodes of VD3. No it's not a disease, it's Vampire Diaries Season 3. Yes I am sad and yes I love it and no I don't really care. I love HMV it always sends things out early. This doesn't actually come out till Monday but I got it yesterday. Winner! And yes I've already seen them all on ITV 2 but this is gonna be the entire series in probably a week. That's how a series should be seen. Yes yes yes!!! Bring on the sexual tension. There's so much of the glorious stuff!!!!! Keeps me hooked anyway, even when the plot goes a bit wayward, there's always love triangles and jealousy and all that scrumptious unrequited feelings. Wow, I think it really is an illness. Ha ha.

Well, I appear to be cooling significantly, so it may be almost time to jump in the shower and rid myself of my run. I think I was quite happy to stew in my hard work today, proud of every bead of sweat. I know now I've mastered that 10km barrier that I can do it and hopefully stamp all over that voice of doubt. Though if someone could turn the thermostat down a tad just whilst I'm running, that would be fantabulous!

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope it's a glorious one!

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