Monday, September 5, 2016

Tech Issues

Morning. I'm trying not to cave in to the desire to fling Albus - my laptop - out of the balcony window. It's not his fault. He's been updated and upgraded to Windows 10 - albeit about 3 days before the deadline, but still...... -  and he's fighting fit. What's ticking me off if the Apple Music Festival links that are being absolute wankers. So I click on the link and it tells me I need to download the latest version of iTunes which I did last week. So then I go through my own iTunes account and at least I can reach the store. Eventually I find the Apple Music Festival banner and then it all goes tits up again. No network connection. Say what? I'm on the pissing internet you remboid. How the hell can I have no internet connection? So I keep clicking on the Get Tickets button and guess what? No frickin' network connection. Apparently.

So of course there can't possibly be a network connection. And I can't possibly be on the internet currently writing a blog. No. It's all an illusion. Of course Apple is right. Argh! The same happened last year and in the end I gave up - not that I would have been lucky enough to win tickets anyway, but still, what the feckles does Apple Music have against me?

Fuming! They are denying my access to Elton and Britney tickets. This is unacceptable!

And in other tech news, google photos are evil. They have this great feature where you can search for a particular object, animal, etc, within your photographs. So if you want to find all your photographs with clouds on, then you can. Just search clouds and voila! But when you search whales, because you're reminiscing about whale watching, you come up with Orca whales and Humpback whales and .......Oh, what's this, a picture of me in the swimming pool. Excuse me. Are you saying I'm a whale? Google, google, google. I'm disappointed in you. I'm a woman, I have enough complexes thank you very much, without being a search result for whales. And I wasn't the only human mistaken for a large sea mammal, no, A's mum was also captured in the sea as a whale. Charming.

Technology itself is being offensive. Wow. And people wonder why I revert back to the pen and paper. They've never called me a whale before.


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