Monday, March 10, 2014

Insert Your Own Profanity...............

"Can you do a show for parents as my child is leaving the nursery for a while to go travelling?" (Kids these days eh. I didn't get a passport till I was 21.) I was given two weeks notice and have rallied around to try and do this for next week.
The mum just emailed me and said she can't make it.
*insert profanities here______________________________*

I didn't want to do a show in the middle of the term, I wanted to do it at the end of the term. (To be quite honest, I don't want to do one at all, especially as I only have 6 kids and they'll probably all get stage fright and it'll be me just jiggin' about and singing by myself. Whoop! Great. I can't freakin' wait.) I have also just had a new kid join who of course is younger and likes to throw things etc. Hmmmm, me thinks next week will be a failure.

Next time I'll just say, you can come and watch a lesson if you want but I'm not making a song and dance about it. It disrupts the flow of the lessons, pisses me off and disrupts the other kids that don't partake of the music class. Or maybe next time I'll find the elusive No button within me and tell them to bugger off.

I wouldn't mind, but I email them every week, take photos every week and provide progress reports and certificates every term. What more do you want from me? *melodramatic*

I'm not having the best few weeks as you might have guessed. I haven't blogged in ages; I've barely written anything useful and I have this sort of feeling of defeat in everything I do. (Please don't psychoanalyse me right now, I might not like the outcome.) I feel like I've lost the fight and my fight is with words, so if I've lost the fight that means there are no words and being a writer and having no words is sort of an issue.

But enough about me and my undoing; how crap is the new, supposedly improved Amazon/Lovefilm? Anyone using the streaming functions from the day of release to about five days after would have been sorely disappointed, as it wouldn't allow you to watch anything. They now charge for some things and other things you only get free when signing up to Amazon Prime, which is also crap and you never get parcels the next day, it's just bullshit. It was way better when it didn't have Amazon blazoned all over it. I would like to say a huge echoing BOO to you and hope you get it sorted out soon. Oh and by the way, you'll never be as good as netflix. There, I said it.

Well, I'll slink off to wallow in self pity. I actually have a wallowing face and action but thankfully only A, my beloved, has ever seen them and in order for me to be kept out of the asylum, I think it's better we keep it that way.

Hope you're all having better Mondays than I am. And I hope you all still have your fight in you. Maybe mine will return after I bash my head in the wall repeatedly? Maybe then the words will return. And if not there's always really depressing music and TV to just further squash any hopes of picking myself up and carrying on.


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