Friday, March 15, 2013

Mate Dates; Space Invading Women; Filming Chicken and......THE PEG!

What a week! Normally when A is away I forget to organise anything and end up with 10 days by myself going stark crazy, although at least before I would go out to work and see the kids, staff and parents. Now it's very minimal contact with the outside world and a whole lot of talking to myself.

But, this time I planned ahead and Monday-Thursday I had all manner of things planned with the ladies:
Monday. Breakfast date with T
Tuesday. Lunch with C
Wednesday. Dinner and movie at mine with S
Thursday. Cocktails, burger and L

Though what I didn't realise was that whilst I would be interacting with people and having lots of fun and giggling and chin wagging and eating and drinking and travelling and having a blast; I would in fact also be leaving very little time to do any writing. Ha! But at least I haven't let go of my last strand of sanity. That was beautifully reattached by my lovely ladies over the week, double knotted and everything.

(By the way, I don't want to in any way insinuate that I regretted this week or am blaming them for not getting off my ass and doing more writing. I have also been very lazy and not sleeping well and besides, I will be using Saturday and Sunday to catch up as A isn't back till late Sunday, possibly even Monday as they gave him 55 minutes to change flights in Chicago. 55 minutes? Really? I guess I'll be seeing him Monday afternoon then.) Wow, that was a long by the way.

So I guess more than anything I want to thank all four of the letters above (S, C, T and L) for making this week such a great one and now I have three days to really knuckle down and shut myself off from the world again, safe in the knowledge that my sanity thread will not blow away in the random sporadic blizzards we keep having, as it is firmly tied on! You are all amazing!

Now from four amazing ladies, to a space invading woman who was anything but amazing. I hop on the tube, (though I use this phrase 'hop on the tube', I wonder how many people actually do 'hop on' as opposed to just walk on, or stroll on, or jump on. Hmmmm. Useless wonderment.) to meet L for early cocktails in Clapham. I'm giddy and first looking forward to a forty minute journey with my book - re-reading Cassie Clare's Clockwork Prince for about the third or fourth time before next week's finale.

After a few stops the carriage is invaded and the seats surrounding me are occupied. No problem at all until the space invading woman in the red fleece turns up and takes half of my above seat space. I don't even know how she managed it. She wasn't massive. She didn't even have a bag or coat with her and the guy on the other side of me who was rather large was taking up non of my above seat space. Now by 'above seat space' I essentially mean the space from your lap upwards. Somehow this woman was leaning across and taking up half of my space. Then she picked up a newspaper and took up even more of my space. You should have seen me try to perch my book to one side and avoid elbow bashing with her. The book I was reading is not a small book either. Every time I turned a page it was like, I can't get my elbows any closer together, I'm actually squishing my breasts!

Honestly, did I ask for a space invasion? Did I want a free elbow fondle? The way she leaned across she was practically across my lap. I ain't paying for no lap dance, skank!

Anyhoo, a few stops later, she switched sides of the carriage and sat next to her fella. But then she continued to stare at me for the rest of the journey. Weird, space munching lunatic. I actually think she was probably just jealous of my satchel. Who wouldn't be, it's so pretty!

But the annoyance of this was soon forgotten as the cocktails started to roll! 5pm cocktails. Winner!

Oh, actually, just a couple more transport related rants before I move on. TFL eats money. It actually eats my money. I feel like I'm always having to top up. I hate having to constantly think about travel costs. It was so much easier when I had a travel card. But literally as soon as I've topped up it's like, where did half of it go? I just put a tenner on, oyster swines!

Okay, now to announcements. How many times do we hear, line suspended between such a place and such a place because of a person under the train? A lot! But I realised last night that when I hear this, I'm not thinking stupid person who threw themselves in front of a train and died. I'm thinking more of a James Bond scenario and someone actually under the train, clinging on, hoping to infiltrate the carriage and save the world. I feel they need to be a little more specific. It should be more like: We regret to inform you that another idiot has been crushed by a train and this is going to ruin your day, as we are closing the line. Or person threw themselves in front of the train and shockingly it killed them. Expect delays. I just feel the other way is a little vague, afer all if James Bond is under a train trying to save us all then we wouldn't mind a little delay!

Would just like to big up, B@1 bar in Clapham Common. Awesome cocktails! Amazing music and always a great atmosphere even when there's only two of you and three bar tenders. Ha! Some of the tunes of the evening were:

Perfect 10 - Beautiful South. (Nice!)
Rock Star - Nickleback (Freakin' love Nickleback....sad I know!)
Son of Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield (Classic!)

I swear the guys that work there have a direct link to my brain and they just pull out from the dark recesses, all the tunes that I haven't even thought about in ten years, let alone heard. Honestly, that place has an inner link to me and most importantly it makes me cocktails 2 for 1. Hmmmm cocktails! And I have to say that last one we had L, wow that was strong. Russian Spring Punch. That definitely made me squiffy.

He he. I had a hilarious toilet trip too. Don't you just love a self contained bathroom cubical (as in sink and dryer in there too, just for you) where you lift your dress up and it ends up in the sink. I did laugh at myself, bearing in mind the cocktail fuzz. Then when I was washing my hands, I pushed on the soap dispenser and instead of going in my hand it squirted on the floor. Oops. Big clear wet patch on floor. Then I turn on the tap and it splashes all over me and the floor, looking like I peed all over the floor. I just laughed at myself and left hoping no one went in there after me. By the way, just to clarify, I did not pee on the floor!

So after cocktail squiffiness it was time for nourishment and that of course came in the guise of burger and fries at GBK. They always have an offer on and the burgers are extremely good! So really, what more do you want? Before we reached GBK we went past the chicken place that was being filmed. Apparently there is some show about a chicken place and some of the knobs that presumably go in there late at night. So if you watch it, you may see me and L walking past. Ha!

The mystery of.....THE PEG! I don't know if this is done in all GBK's, but I'd definitely never experienced it before. They came and put a clothes peg on your table number. And I'm thinking, why do we need a peg? Then when they've asked you if everything is alright and you say with the inevitable full mouth....mmmmm and nod, then they take away your peg. How bizarre and yet how simple and effective a way to remember if you've asked the question, (unless they forget to take the peg) because nobody wants to be repeatedly asked, they just want to eat burger! And as we were leaving, I saw on their board where they keep the menus, a line of clothes pegs. He he.

Twitter chufty badges. People are actually starting to reply to my tweets and favourite them and stuff. Now I don't want to sound like a complete saddo, but hooray, people are replying to my tweets! *wearing twitter chufty badge*

And my two final points are: Wentworth Miller is so pretty it actually hurts! (Michel from Prison Break)

And: I've never understood the term 'gut wrenching' until re-reading Clockwork Prince. Cassie you are evil! (Evil = amazing of course.) I couldn't sleep the other night, my stomach was turning knots and I know what happens because I've read it three times before. Again, complete saddo!

Alright, well I think that's all I had to say for now. I've spoken to The Sarky Traveller and she should be making an appearance again soon with a blog on Downtown LA, so watch out for that. And have a great weekend, hopefully devoid of blizzards and hail storms.

Happy Friday.

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