Monday, March 11, 2013

Just Another Magic Monday

2 weeks in a row, all my kids have turned up for music class. And 2 weeks in a row we've had amazing lessons! So much fun. So much enthusiasm and me smiling, out of breath and sweating like a pig, despite the snow outside.

So here's to another magical, musical Monday and many more to come.

I hit 4000 blog views today as well. So thank you everyone who has ever read a blog. And I hope I can continue to keep you entertained over the coming months and years because I do love to rant and it's nice to know there's someone on the other end of that rant. 

Now to a recurring subject of mine: Never a dull moment on a bus.
And Friday night was no exception. I'd been babysitting for around 7 and a half hours, managed to miss the last tube, so at 12.40 on the rain soaked Tottenham Court Road, I took the 134 home. (Incidentally during my babysitting I had the joy of making real popcorn for the first time. And I realise that sounds lame but I don't like popcorn and it wasn't something we made at home as kids, so I didn't realise how exciting it was.  He he. Exploding corn, popping in the pan. Shame I don't really like the taste.)

So I sit down thinking headphones and book. That's all I want to do. Get home as quickly as possible and avoid as many giddy drunks/grumpy drunks as I can. But, no sooner have I sat, than I have been accosted by a lovely tempered, giddyly drunk, extremely camp guy.
"Where are you from?"
"How old are you?"
"Do you need a boyfriend?"
He was so loud. It was like kids when they pretend they're whispering but they are actually just shouting. He kept telling people they were "pretty." Or scoffing that they were all, "covered in wet stuff." I did hasten to add that is was in fact raining outside and had been for the last two days, but sometimes obvious facts can be difficult to face when hideously drunk. (And it's never easy to be stone cold sober in these situations.)

The best thing was that he was sat next to, what I thought was a friend, but later found out was just a random guy, who was trying his best to stay out of it all. Poor guy. I was slightly worried he might offend someone with his rather loud ramblings, you never know what can kick off on a night bus, but thankfully everyone seemed friendly enough and willing to take things on the chin.

He kept trying to set me up with random guys in their mid 40's, whom all found it very hilarious.
"Don't you need a boyfriend?"
"No. I have one."
"But he has such nice shoulders. And look at this one's ears."
He he. Yeah, that almost won me over.
There really never is a dull moment.......
And when he got off the bus he was all concerned that I had to stay on. He offered for me to go with him, but I gratefully declined. Then I was finally allowed my 10 minutes of book and earphones. The joys!

Now to another recurring theme: More ways cyclists can annoy you/surprise you.
Well for one there was the guy who went through a red light on the wrong side of the road and almost ran over two or three people on the crossing. Dick!

Then there was the guy cycling in the pouring rain, singing a porn chant at the top of his voice. Bow-chigga-bow-wow. etc. Nice!

Now for Polish TV and the mystery of St Mary's snow.
Okay, so I love Poland: the food, the drink, the language (though I am ignorant of most of it), the cheap flights, the cute old towns, the cake.....You get it. I like it! I also love that they don't dub their movies so it meant we could see two films for ridiculously cheap. But Polish TV, what the feck?

I figured there would be a few English/American channels, and I was right. They had 'My Family' on Comedy Central and a couple of movie channels all with English speaking films. (I know what you're thinking...'My Family on Comedy Central.' Really?) So they don't dub the UK/US shows and they don't put sub titles. Instead they have a voice over explaining what is happening, in Polish. There's no emotion or expression; no indication of who's talking. So you can hear bits of the English underneath and then you get monotone guy over the top. Seriously, how do they live like that?

It's super annoying for all involved, though I guess if you're brought up with that then you learn to filter one of the languages out. Still, if it sounds the same in both languages then do you really need to repeat it, Mr Monotone????? And I swear it's the same guy for every voice over.

And finally, The Church of St Mary's in Gdansk has a secret. It creates it's own weather! Bizarre or what? The Friday night we were wandering around, exploring the sights by night, when we come by the hugely domineering structure that is the brick cathedral of St Marys. We look up at the spot lights, lighting the church and we can see snow, yet it doesn't appear to be snowing where we stand. We walk a little closer and the cut off point is the perimeter of the church. Spooky. No snow anywhere else. It's a mystery.

Okay, so I'm feeling a little sleepy, wrapped up in my blanket on the couch. I think it may be time to skoot.
Nighty night and magical Monday's to you all!


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