Monday, May 9, 2016

5 Years of Rants

Ahhhh, it's 5 years since my first rant. Can't believe it. It's also way over a month since I blogged, which is shocking behaviour I know. But, I haven't exactly been lazing around. I've reached 68,000 words of my latest novel, I'm teaching 65 kids a week, training for my imminent 10 kilometre runs, and reading copious amounts of books. No really, I can't stop reading. The obsession is worse than usual.

So, what's been grating my little ranting head recently?.......let me see.......

  • Balancing stuff. I seem to able to have good writing patches or good training patches, but combining the two is tricky. I feel like if I'm on a roll with the writing then I should stick with that, because that's my ultimate goal, to be a published writer. But I need to train for races and keep fit, otherwise I'm going to balloon, and I can't use the writing as an excuse to stay indoors and eat stuff. Urgh. 

  • Though I would like to say a big shout out to the little girl, she must have been about two/two and a half, who I ran past in Hampstead Heath last week. She said, 'Wow Daddy. She's running really fast.' A compliment I don't often receive. She made my day. I think sometimes you have to see yourself through someone else's eyes to actually realise you're not a complete failure. Sometimes it's just too easy to listen to the doubt inside yourself. But she thought I was fast. And she was in awe of that. In the same way that I feel like I'm a lazy writer, not giving myself to it as much as I should, but then people say, wow you've written so much, you're so busy and focused. But I feel anything but. 

  • Danger Mouse. Just a short one here, but every time I sit down to watch Danger Mouse, either with the six year old or eight year old I work with, it's the same freakin' episode. Every time! I must be on the most unlucky fluke with that, but it's happened about four times now and every time I'm like, really? Just let me catch another sodding episode. 

  • I wouldn't be British if I didn't mention the weather. I mean, what the feckles? I went from long sleeves, coat and knee highs, to shorts, vests and sandals in about a week. I wasn't prepared. All my summer stuff is in a box on top of the wardrobe, and so I've had to swap them all around. It had better stay bloody warm now. But no complaints. I've been enjoying the sun on my arms. And only a few weeks till the holiday, when I'll have to deal with Florida sun, so this is some good practise. 

  • Small nose. A couple of weeks ago I purchased some very lovely new glasses, after my prescription changed. And they are both beautiful and I'm really happy, except for the fact that they fall off my stupid small nose. He asked me to test how they fit in the shop, he said, just look down for me, and the black pair fell clean off. I'll tighten them up for you then, he said. But even after that they're too loose. I'll have to go back and have them tightened again. Otherwise I'm going to spend every five seconds propping them back on my nose. 

  • Politics. I'll throw everything under one broad banner here. Our government sucks. Big time. It's run by a bunch of wankers I did not vote in and yet I can do nothing about it for another four years and by then we'll probably have an even worse Prime Minister - if that is possible. America are one step closer to electing orange Satan, and the world is very likely going to shit. Woo hoo. What a great time to be alive........ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And we still have the stupid Brexit looming over us too. Of course we should stay in Europe, it's a no brainer. But I guess other people are entitled to their opinions. Blah, blah, blah. Vote to stay in. Vote to stay in!
So that's literally all I've got time for as I have to leave in ten minutes to pick up the eight year old and teach him some musical stuff. But I was so overdue a blog and it's always nice to mark the anniversary of where it all began. 

Thanks as always for listening to my rants and I'll be seeing you later in the week, because, oh yeah, it's Eurovision time! 


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