Friday, May 1, 2015


So, I've just been to the bank to pay in a cheque and a guy really ticked me off. So much so that the rest of my Kentish Town outing, became the fastest errand running ever - rage speed.

So I always use the automated machines for making a deposit, because ain't nobody got time for queuing up to the one cashier who's working, half an hour before they close for the weekend. But it's a tiny branch, so they just have this one high table, which acts as a resting place to write out paying in slips and also as a place to queue.

As I wasn't in the queue, I went around the other side - you know courtesy to the other people - and I filled in my slip. Then in walks two guys and one of them enquires as to if this is the queue. I mean stupid question to start off with, there's nowhere else to queue, but then he realises that and shuts up. Then the other guy says, 'Well some people seem to be doing it wrong,' clearly aimed at me. I thought, no I shouldn't respond, but then, wait a minute, he just called into question my ability to queue. Whoa! As a British citizen I find that highly offensive. Queuing is built into my DNA. With your ability to crawl is your ability to queue. When you finally learn to walk, you get to queue standing up. I mean, whoa!

So I looked at him, gave him the pissed off look and said, 'I'm actually using the machine.'
He replied with, 'It's alright.' And the universal hand gesture for calm down, which all men really should know better than to use on riled up women.

If he hadn't been borderline elderly, I might have hit him back with another retort, but you know what, I was also brought up with manners. Shame he wasn't.

It really is the little things that can tick you off the most.

Have a fun Friday. And here are two Friday Facts to remember:

  1. Don't tell women to calm down, 
  2. Don't question a British person's ability to queue. 

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