Sunday, January 20, 2013

Signature Brew, The 90's and massive elephant willies.

That's right. The Bitter Northerner is back. And of course monstrously bitter that The Sarky Traveller already clocked up more views than any of my rants. Ha! It's a good job we're one in the same person otherwise I may develop a complex.

It was fun doing the travel blog and this will definitely continue next week, but for now I get to rant about all things beer, fashion, weather (of course, I am British), writing, TV and anti social behaviour.

Firstly to beer and in particular the fabulous company Signature Brew which allows bands/artists to create their own beer and sell it at gigs etc. They already have artists such as Enter Shikari, Professor Green and Frank Turner on board, with many more in the pipe line. (Check out for more info.)

Friday the guys at Signature Brew put on a great night at The Black Heart, Camden, with five of their beers available by bottle; live music and general high jinks. Not being much of a lager drinker, I opted for The Professor Green pale ale, Remedy, which was very nice actually. Whilst A had Sssnakepit by Enter Shikari and Believe by Frank Turner.

I am lucky enough to know the guys behind the company and wish them continued success. Plus I urge you all to check out the website. You never know, you might find some of the beers available at your local venue.

But I don't want you to think I'm just plugging and not ranting, so I do have a beer related rant. Basically, I'm not much of a beer drinker. It makes me feel fat and full, but my main issue with it, is that I don't like it when it goes warm but I can't drink it fast. So it's like a vicious cycle because the beer is inevitably going to be warm before I can get half way through it. So really, they need to either provide beer coolers at tables or teeny tiny glasses of the stuff. Ha! I'm such a girl. That's probably why I like drinking beer in Germany and Belgium because they have those lovely little glasses.

As we were walking home from the Signature Brew night (okay, I think I've mentioned it enough now. Ha ha) we both had a craving for ice cream, which may have seemed strange to some as it was snowing and had been most of the day. But actually it was awesome. The ice cream was warmer than the temperature around us, so it didn't make us feel any colder and it didn't melt as you were eating it. All in all, I enjoyed my ice cream in the snow.

And speaking of snow, because that's all anyone is doing and I'm British, so the weather and conversation go hand in hand.........Great! I say. Thankfully weather that corresponds to the season. It freaks me out when we have such mild winters, like before Christmas. That's not what's supposed to happen. Global Warming and climate change freak the bejeezers out of me. So when I know I can put on seven layers and all the relating Winter accessories, I'm happy in the knowledge that this is exactly what should be happening.

As for the disruption to life due to snow. Really Britain should get off their ass and realise that this is likely to happen every year and to just do something about it. Most European countries have contingency plans and life carries on as normal, but here businesses close, schools close and life comes to a stand still. Pull your finger our of your arse Britain and sort it out.

Anyhoo, I've been reliving the 90's recently as I trawl through Buffy and Friends complete season boxsets. And I have to say I am lovin' every minute. The music, the humour, the language. But best of all, the fashion.
Oh dear lord, I'm sure it was cool at the time but really............Buffy was sporting a classic combination of wide leg jeans, heeled boots, a vest top and a lumber jack shirt. Nice. I mean, yes you are ridiculously hot but I'm not sure even you can carry that off. The funniest thing is, I'm sure I had a burgundy lumber jack shirt at one point. Ha! Maybe I was cool once.

Saying that though, I don't dress too dissimilar now. The baggy jeans are a definite keeper and always will be as I refuse to cave to the pressure of skin tights. I'm not so big on the lumber jack shirt or heeled boots but I do love my Docs. Other classic Buffy outfits include purple shiny trousers, a white vest top and a turquoise shirt partly buttoned over the top. Go Buffy. And also half mast brown trousers and a t-shirt tucked in. Thankfully, I can say I never did brown trousers but I'm sure I did lots of equally embarrassing things.

The 90's really doesn't age well. Honestly. Re-watching Friends is just bad. Not only fashion disasters (Janice's leopard print to name a few) but also the picture quality. It just looks old. Which makes me feel old. But it's also very comforting and nostalgic. Can't wait for more crazy outfits this week as I plough on with Buffy season 2 and Friends season 3.

And so to TV. Wow! Just finished Homeland season 1. Fantastic! When they took down her wall of colour, in the penultimate episode I was distraught. Is it wrong that I completely understood her when she was in hypermanic mode? But honestly, loved it. If you haven't seen it yet check it out on love film.

And also, I love the fact that David Attenborough has brought people of all ages together, with another of his legendary series. Africa is taking the country by storm and every Wednesday to Sunday there are tweets and facebook status' and comments about it. We always end up missing it but catch up on the iplayer, so usually we already have some idea of what's going to be in it. This week we knew we would be treated to enormous elephant willies and luminescent fungi, but I could never have fathomed just how big that willy was. Jeez. I feel sorry for the poor cow (as in female elephant) but at least she doesn't have to see it before. I guess ignorance really is bliss.

I also enjoyed the clouds and weather systems and the fact that the Congo experiences a 100,000,000 lightening bolts a year. Madness. There were a few too many bugs for my liking, but I thought the frogs were cute that had to be the highest to get the female. Their chin sack things looked like eggs, it was all very strange, but their fighting tactics were hilarious. I put my foot in your face. Ha! I kick you in the face as retaliation. Ha ha!
Finally, the skimmer birds with the large bottom beak just reminded me of that character from Family Guy with the massive bottom lip. I do wish we had a way of knowing what animals think because that would be the only thing to improve a David Attenborough series. So come on David, get to it! That's what I expect next time.

And to finish up I just wanted to say how unemployment finally seems to be agreeing with me. I had the best week. Copious amounts of words written; 6 chapters of the book re-written/re-edited, a few more children signing up to my music class and a very successful travel blog. I am getting a little on the anti social side though, as leaving the house becomes a massive ball ache. Why go out when I could stay in? Ha. But luckily I also have friends wanting to see me which is pulling me out of that funk on a regular basis. Cheers guys. You're going to be the ones that keep me from going stir crazy, especially when A goes to all his music conferences. I think there will be a increase in conversations with myself and general social outcasting. But still, if I have another week like the one I just had, I won't be complaining and I'll probably have edited a third of the book.

Bring it on!

So, enjoy the weather and whatever it may bring. Now is the time to don your 90's lumber jack shirts and really abuse the power of layers. Happy Sunday. Making a roast for tea. There's just something so perfect about Sunday roasts, especially in Winter. I can't wait!

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